Alain Mathieu

"All marketing is based on perception. Therefore, when ready to promote, appear unassuming; when utilizing our resources, appear inactive; when near the target market, create the illusion of distance; when far away, create the impression of proximity."

"There is no benefit in prolonged marketing campaigns."

"In marketing, if our market share is ten times that of the competition, we should dominate the market; if five times, we should aggressively target the competition; if twice as large, we can diversify our marketing efforts. If evenly matched, we can compete head-on; if slightly inferior, we can avoid direct competition; if significantly inferior, we can explore alternative markets."

"A successful marketer seeks victory before engaging in the battle, while a marketer destined for failure fights first and then seeks victory."

"If you understand your target market and your own brand, you need not fear the outcome of a hundred marketing campaigns. If you understand your brand but not the market, for every successful campaign, there will be failures. If you understand neither your market nor your brand, you will struggle in every campaign."

"In marketing, the key is to avoid strong competitors and focus on targeting weaker areas."

"Anyone can observe the tactics by which I succeed in marketing, but what they cannot see is the strategy from which victory is derived."

"When targeting a market, leave room for competition. Do not exert excessive pressure on vulnerable competitors."

"Treat your customers as valuable relationships, and they will remain loyal to your brand. Consider them as cherished partners, and they will support you even in challenging times."